in Alles komt goed, IJkpunten

The juice of the internet

I’m blown away that for every word there is a website. To illustrate I created this spontanious string of associated words with a link to the site. And I wonder if that site adds and infuses meaning into that word.

one two three feel extraordinary enormous exclusive beyond talk feed pin point cry free ego sensor extra freaks instinct you apply can not park yet here take give future voice pick joy pain are break concept mind alive well pause signal non stop random experiment speak heart beat frame more fault less contemplation least must alter ego road breath taking empty proper virginity analogous autonomous anarchic automat liar dare sense discretion explicit art user cross buy and inner being thought most interact half full stupendous face down up left civil right extreme thin mind over matter under method strange craft name depth call distinct fertile virginal immortal planet opinion symphony exhibit though exceptional fierce greeting fame is direct straight dialogue collection exclude welcome compilation string theory annex anecdote excruciating chaos story eternal devotion deep dig shallow expo definition listen panorama horizon forum show expression preference distribute fever like idea yellow mistake lifeless impact abort contagious back micro cosmos movement against war temptation bewilder alien contact faster death rare destructive visit burning nourishment example it past ahead advantage will discuss position signal column piece say mirror world be crap wish alter native wide secondary first circle single together gather interest dumb substance out there search of life smart form bad saturated live intelligent red condensation claim info great personal bread cheese butter eggs profit killer an expectation content need thick spirit ignore logical play develop willing shock gain tenuous trade un important uproar anonymous system mobilize mission open what spring get second answer in any stupid aesthetic menu do tree four five six or list every roam public human scream utopia put on extropia clone halfempty got me time link secure home nerve edge lead project flabbergasted blockade singular sincere phenomenon shift doubt bring us problem measure discover efficient bit connection structure history seduce romantic volume join biological frontier disturbance have margin member cheap version radical enthusiasm meaning inept vote clear effect maximum soon obey turbulent peak between old new bound weak phi trash begin start happiness awake stupendous automatic manifest promise apple pie hole concentration sensorium meeting pay drink eat smell hear artificial assertion some where any place thing way obtain anarchy classic exit delicious incognito risk hunt linear line lie truth boring born soul sigh contention experience as condense desire invention corrupt friction damn again course register water rule power might authority able brain heroism conquer compulsion endure immoral ill few capture entree spark discrete completion companion analogue ambition contemplate expanding control room exploit include heaven hell interesting energy creative artist move find read fantasy gap whole maybe use if compliments cherished space range sure meat harmony erosion contrary error drip drops wander message whisper by gull format idle growing pleasure blue analyze claim index imagination dance good damnation sound check communication never absurd duh trivial exhibit success fine ready operations exploration faith sacrifice calculate mode possible sabotage only corporation who enterprise anti intellect pure evil material sub routine lab culture cell safe suspicious abstract synopsis knowledge narrow image value exclude information so serious appear with why server limit sensor high none after big locate done archive registration explode seven eight nine ten dot


Wat vind jij?