in Alles komt goed


I can say I started blogging since I took being creative seriously. All the things I made till then were a reflection of me and the time I lived in. I dare to think this is so for about 99% of all creative people. I studied art from 1992 till 1997 and all the work was just about searching for and communicating my perspective on things. Be it news or my surroundings in general. I just didn’t have it ordered in a timeline related manner.

In 2000 I too discovered the rich communicational characteristics of the internet and started blogging that same year. At that time I tried out very different systems and lost most of the content during those migrations.

Eventually I settled with one system and focussed on the content instead of the content carrier. Since then my content has grown to about 700 posts on and I can double that amount on various other websites and I love to go back at them from time to time.

For me my blog is a reference to my line of thinking over the years and solidifies what I hold dear. It’s a true online public diary, a log.

I feel blessed that I have the tools to share it with you, being able to exchange ideas and thought on life as we live it enriches my live and hopefully yours too.

Making things is just a way of communicating. Internet gives me the ability to reach out more then I ever dreamed possible. And I thank you for reading this and showing an interest, contact me and I will return the favor for sure.


Wat vind jij?