in Alles komt goed

The ultimate statistic of a capitalistic world

An article stated that the calculated the worth of a western person is 6 million dollar. And that of a person in a 3rd world country is 22.200 dollar (approx.).

They wanted to know they should invest in people or the environment.

My first reaction was that they should start investing in me. I will double their outcome. But then the other part of me took over. And was appalled that we define human and all value with money.

I saw a documentary more than a year ago. Money wasen’t a scares resource created by debt. The growing mobility of men and their trading, colonization, exploitation, ultimately globalization did. Creating 3rd world country’s.

Before all that there were loads of local currencies without limit that creates an explosion of productivity. Lot’s of the cathedrals were build within that system.

That documentary made a big impression on me. There is a village in France that created a local currency, and their results are amazing. And the beauty of it all is that it can coexist next to the systems we already (are forced to) use.


Wat vind jij?