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Augmented Surfaces

Have a look at this, like it but you need loads of stuff to get it really working. But it gives an idea of the/a future where we carry our data with us or can access it though the internet. And work with and share it from any table.

Augmented Surfaces is a computer augmented environment that allows users to smoothly interchange digital information among their portable computers, table and wall displays, and other physical objects. Supported by a camera-based object recognition system, users can easily integrate their portable computers with the pre-installed ones in the environment.

Users can use displays projected on tables and walls as a spatially continuous extension of their portable computers. Using an interaction technique called hyperdragging or pick&drop (pick&beam), users can transfer information from one computer to another, by only knowing the physical relationship between them. We also provide a mechanism for attaching digital data to physical objects, such as a videotape or a document folder, to link physical and digital spaces.


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