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Space: the final frontier

Just read in the Noorderlicht magazine of the VPRO that on the 21st of June there the first private plane will enter space. I must say that it triggers my imagination. And after going through the article and the website of the builders I’m getting excited to see it happen.

I’m 32 now and the boy in me is dying to be in that plane and experience weightlessness and enjoy the view. Never even flew in a big plane. Just two times in a very small one at low altitude (3km max.). Jumped out of it though, falling back to earth for about one minute could last a lifetime for me.

They are entering the competition by the Ansari X-Prize foundation. Prizemoney 10 million dollars worth. The development of the SpaceshipOne project cost about 20 million of scaled composites. So there is a challenge.

Some other competitors:

ARCASPACE 100% ECOLOGIC: The monopropellant fuel is ecological since the byproducts are only oxygen and water vapors.

The da Vinci Project: Established in 1996 the project is the largest volunteer technology project in Canadian history with upwards of 100,000 man-hours having been spent on the project thus far.

TGV-rockets: Cheap, reliable space flights

Canadian Arrow: Has completed the first series of tests on our 57,000 lb thrust engine. Combustion of Alcohol and liquid oxygen.

IL airospace: The design consists of a first stage, which is a large hot air balloon with its propulsion system attached to the top of the vehicle…


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