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My new way of taking in audio visual information

It’s documentary day today. I’m hooked to the website of the VPRO (other as well, but the VPRO is my favorite). It’s just 12.15 and have seen about 4 docu’s (3 hours) on the news in Arabic country’s (mainly Al-Jazeera, there are still about 4 going back till 1999).

Seeing them all and going back to some part or another documentary gives me significantly more inside then when I watch them on tv over a period of years. Like newspapers do for some time now, making dossiers, this is my way of maximizing input of audio visual information.

This new way of television (the etymology definition), having instant access to other information on the same subject and the enormous accumulation of audio visual information structured in a way that we the people can access it, makes me hungry for more input.

The internet already works that way for written content, lets liberate audio visual information! These information flows are limited by money and knowhow. But we are easing toward linking, making and distributing our own audio visual content next to that of company’s like CNN or for that matter the VPRO.

Link to my rampage of enthusiasm
Link to the english section of Al-Jazeera

Note: my knowledge and vision is limited, feel free to contribute your ideas on the matter.


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