in Alles komt goed

Blast from the past

Just had a phonecall from someone I studied with, back in the nineties (till 1997).

It’s weird to hear from people that you haven’t thought about for years. When the contact faded I tried to revive it but no luck. Now after years I hear her voice again. And we are talking about the years past, the present and about mutual friends from that time. A lot has changed and stayed the same. Most of them have kids, changed jobs and houses. But when talking you are back where you ended, like nothing changed.

It reminds me of the tv program “Quantum Leap” I saw years ago. They had the theory that life was a piece of string, all balled up. Time still flows along the piece of string normally, but the string touches itself all over the place. In essence, making time travel possible. My thoughts are doing that right now.

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