in Alles komt goed

Electrifying sounds

Just got from Joost and at first glance it’s great. It’s the portal for streaming audio. Want to hear only music with a Hammond organ in it, can do.

You can pick an instrument and if you like a genre and start riding the search wave. Sounds like spam, sorry I’m just enthusiastic. Always exited to broaden my horizon. And this fits perfectly at this moment.

Being critical is something for a different moment in time, like …
Doesn’t it all sound to mainstream?
And isn’t it the same as any other portal?

I don’t know I haven’t really given radio stations a fair chance yet, genres are always putting me off (blues or jazz excepted). The fact that I can also select a instrument does make me want to try.

To mainstream for you? try the radio channels from 3voor12

If you know better ones or just other ones, let me know.
Note: I’m a sucker for hammond organs or any instument who takes me back to the good old days. Like Dan Geesin or Quintron & Miss Pussycat.


Wat vind jij?