in Alles komt goed

“I invite you to keep in touch on Multiply”, another community building tool. More based on business than tickle and giving you the opportunity to make a website/presentation and post messages on it, like a blog.

I think in general it’s a good idea to give people the chance to present themselves but why keep it enclosed in this community? If you are not a member you can’t see these websites. In some cases that can be preferable but for many people this has as a consequence that they have to keep up yet another site. Why not centralize the information flow concerning yourself, privately and professionally. Information is scattered enough already.

Therefore I think Multiply, Tickle and Orkut will never live up to their expectations. The real necessity of using the tool isn’t there and the community will never be big and active enough.
In that sense I give webcommunity’s like more credits, because on a professional level stock-photos always come in handy some time.

The real solution? I have some idea’s of my own ….


Wat vind jij?