in Alles komt goed

Why write English if your native language is Dutch?

Most important reasons:

  1. Most of the things I see/read/listen are in English so it’s part of the flow.
  2. A lot of people read and speak it. (But if you listen to Jim Rogers we all should learn Chinese.) I like to be of value to as many people as possible.
  3. We live in a globalised world. I see myself as a world citizen with no country borders. So it makes no sense to create a language barrier.

But it’s a struggle.

  • English feels less personal and honest although I don’t feel limited in my expression (I obviously am, my vocabulary is limited).
  • If you have a real person you are talking to you just pick the language you both are familiar with. But here I am talking to “the world at large”. So what’s the best choice?
  • And am I writing for someone else or is it just for me? Maybe I’m writing in an effort understand the world in all it’s complexity better. It’s overwhelming.

It’s not set in stone. And I do write in Dutch. Maybe I will switch someday. There will be software in the nearby future that will make it easy to translate it for the reader in any language on the fly. Star Trek prediced that much and lots of it has come true ;)


Wat vind jij?