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Les Blogs

An interesting event on 25th of april: Lot of interesting people, full program. At this moment there are 40 million blogs and rising with about 20.000 each day. Hopefully there will be lots of full reports to read on all those blogs. This conference can hold up to 250 people.

Update: And I’m going to document the whole conference using 2 video camera’s and will broadcast it on the internet! To be seen on a new website that goes live on the first of May 2005. This is really going to be something special.

Link: Les Blogs
Location:Paris, France
Date: Monday 25th of April 2005
Organiser: Loic Le Meur (his blog)

Within the last few months, the Internet as we know it has started to change very fast, taken by storm by blogs and social software. I decided to organize in my city, Paris, an event to help us better define what’s coming next, the first of this kind in Paris, all in english and with a dream panel of the key movers and shakers in the world.

It is a one day and one evening event on Monday, April 25th at the French Senate.



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