in Alles komt goed

Roof quality

Enjoyed the afternoon sunshine. We talked our way though sex, manhood, beer, children to discuss Art. Something we all are closely involved in. Pieter put forward that art is about the personal path an artist takes. Seeing them make progress and excel makes it art. Peter found that art was about something new. What use in repeating? My opinion at that moment in time was that art has the obligation to explore the edge of our perception and should try to grasp the ungraspable. And in that process expands our view and knowledge.

It’s now 23.30 and I’m reading my daily pages of Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintance (pages 276 – 277). And realize that we were all talking about Quality. Quality as the motivator to create/explore our perception of it.

A train on a track called Quality, and Romantic Quality as the leading edge of the engine. The cutting edge of experience. The leading edge of knowledge is only the collective memory of where that leading edge has been.

The leading edge is absolutely where all the action is. It holds all the infinite possibilities of the future and it contains all history of the past. The past cannot remember the past. The future cannot generate the future. It’s this instant right here and now that’s the totality of everything there is.

Robert Pirsig

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