in Alles komt goed

When in Paris…

One should visit Tour Eiffel. Well here I am. Went to the top and back again.The cliche is true I’m afraid. It’s an experience. It’s not the view that is impressing me. You are easily bored with small houses and people, losing you’re sense of depth. That it was build in 1889 blows me away. At that time they had just wooden planes with wings of canvas!

It’s the transparency making the building a construction and the construction a building. A steel invention. Every bolt takes me back to the person that put it there. Living history.

All-right the Louvre and it’s garden is also very impressive and huge and even build earlier. But that’s just scale.

(for the record: Writing this on the second floor. On my way back down. 15 minutes to 1, have to hurry and start my 2h walk to catch my train at 4.)


Wat vind jij?