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UWB is coming

Bandwidth Advance Hints at Future Beyond Wi-Fi

John Markoff – 4 mei 2005 – link

…, UWB uses inexpensive computing power to send short radio pulses across much of the radio spectrum. Because it does not use a single frequency, UWB offers several advantages, including the capacity to send high volumes of information quickly and the ability to share frequencies and resist interference. It’s like breaking a truck’s cargo into loads small enough to be carried on bicycles that can weave through a traffic jam.

Today’s Wi-Fi systems are limited to about 100 megabits of data a second, a rate that will realistically support no more than a single high-definition television video stream in the home, whereas UWB’s capacity is 500 megabits and faster.

A new wireless technology called ultrawideband is coming according to an article by John Markoff.

Trilled by the future and all his promises and at the same time feeling that the air is thickening. Not believing that what you can’t see can’t hurt you. No. I’m not paranoid nor am I afraid of new way’s of communication (got an airport too). And knowing there are lost of natural “waves” out there, I can’t help hanging onto the misguided notion that I’m just penetrated by a view waves / particles at the time. Making them extremely solid gives me the feeling there is no escape, I’m getting fried per definition.

Will start developing clothes that bounce of all “unnatural” waves you desire by filling out a form on your t-shirt. Offcource having personal penetration statistics on how many hits you successfully reflected, where they came from, what system they were using, the origin and it’s goal. Selling t-shirts on the net is a money making business.


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