in Alles komt goed

Scaling down

Is killing my enthusiasm. Started working with video again from the 24th of april till now and it is quit intense. Making long hours and almost nothing to show for it. And people around me telling to stop trying and scale down to unacceptable levels. The technical setbacks are demotivating and these loved ones aren’t helping either. Yesterday I felt my emotions turn from anger and frustration to sadness and self-pity rushing to my tear-tubes.

They didn’t make it. I did. Threw myself over my fixed idea and scaled down. Finding a way to make acceptable video-streams. Wondering how other people are doing it, what kind of material they use and how mush time it takes.

A summary of the hurdles I had to to overcome to stay in the race and get to the finish line:

  • The domain registrar took his time and made mistakes
  • Adjusting the Movable Type templates isn’t that easy
  • Couldn’t import Imovie 4 (mac) with FinalCut Express 1.01 (FCE).
  • Couldn’t update FCE because I have a G3 (1100Mhz) processor
  • Capturing didn’t work because of my (wrongly put their by the system) permissions on my hard-disks.
  • Capturing larger clips in FCE failed often because of bad time-code and bad mini-cam.
  • Rendering in FCE is very slow and even if I undo the change it wants to render again (blind montage).
  • Exporting to internet wasn’t working properly. Can’t export in the new format 264. That will take 3 days for 10 minutes.
  • Exporting for importing into Flash isn’t as easy as it seems. Lots of audio formats are not supported.
  • You only know when sound doesn’t work after importing and publishing.
  • Flash is limited to 16000 frames (ten minutes) and you only find out after your program bombs about 10 times.
  • Making internet working properly on Ameland took me 2 days.
  • Uploading 20MB takes 90 minutes (9 minutes in Amsterdam).

Why still do it?

  • Shooting footage is easy and great fun.
  • See lots of opportunities
  • Using embedded streaming video work together with flash itself opens a interesting spectrum to explore.
  • Making a great video where your surprise yourself is the ultimate thrill.
  • Sharing it though internet is the way to go.
  • Creating blogs to hold (this) content should I have done when I decided to be a “professional artist” 13 years ago.
  • As an artist you can’t help yourself, I got a hunger to excel beyond my own perception.
  • I’m a freak (that loves gadgets).

Wat vind jij?