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Bush vs Eisenhower

I came across the link to “Why we Fight” (a documentary seen on channel four of the BBC) a couple of days before Bush addressed the nation on prime time. It couldn’t be more fitting. And Eisenhower’s farewell speech may be even more worrying then the time when he expressed his concern.

How Bush manages to link Irak to all the terrorism in the world is beyond me. That really wasn’t the reason to start the war (not even the unofficial ones).

  • “Why we Fight”
  • U.S.A., 2004, 98 Minutes, color & b/w
  • Director: Eugene Jarecki
  • Screenwriter: Eugene Jarecki
  • Executive Producers: Roy Ackerman, Nick Fraser, Hans Robert Eisenhauer
  • Producers: Susannah Shipman, Eugene Jarecki
  • Cinematographers: Etienne Sauret, May Ying Welsh
  • Editor: Nancy Kennedy
  • Composer: Robert Miller

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