At the studio for the Tolkresj. Where my kids have a great time with other kids.

It’s a (half a)daycare totally run by the parents and with the parents. We are celebrating our 35 year excistence with an event for everybody who had ever been part of this great initiative.


I’m saddened by this. He’s walking in his natural habitat, food under his feet and still he takes the junk we are so arrogantly throwing on it.
We people tent to feel superior to all other living creatures (founded on our conscienceness and intellect). But consciencely being conscienceless makes me conclude the opposite.

(this foto is just an modest example of what triggers my growing dissatisfaction)


I had to walk for almost a week now. I missed my bike even-though I like walking, it makes my brain feel less stressed. It’s very impractical especially when you have a busy week scheduled.

My “good as new” bike feels great, needed a lot of transplants to make it so. Love getting acquainted again.


Kamagurka in 1985 voor hp (haagse post)

Ooit een keer een stapel HP’s gevonden uit 1981-1985. Veel van z’n strips bewaard samen met nog andere artikelen en omslagen. Blader ze eens in de zoveel jaar even door. Geen idee wanneer ik uiteindelijk afscheid van ze neem.