in Alles komt goed

Trying to get to terms …

I’m afraid I’m going to rant about something new and something newer at Apple. Steve Jobs just held his keynote at MacWorld San Fransisco. And introduced the MacBook Pro based on the intel chip. Looks like a great machine with great software. And that 4 months before shedule (I bet they knew beforehand and didn’t want miss the holiday season). Well done Apple.

But I bought a powerbook about a month ago listening in on the rumors and the speculations. I thought I made an informed choice. But the MacBook Pro came sooner then expected and it’s 4 times faster then my new powerbook!

In one month my powerbook has become worthless. Don’t get me wrong, I love my powerbook and made some great stuff with it, but 4 times faster!?

Apple should do what they offer buyers of the latest versions of pro apps. Give recent powerbook buyers the chance to upgrade, or as Steve Jobs calls it “Crossgrade’.


Wat vind jij?