in Alles komt goed

Services I recently discovered

Roaming the wild west web there are some interesting services being created. This is a list of those I recently discovered.

A chat service that puts the software in your browser instead of on a website. So it’s kind of a community layer over the internet. Where that community follow and talk to you at the place where you’re at about the place you’re at. I think it will only work if it’s not that intrusive. We will see.

One of the biggist legal downloadsites of music in the UK. Offers music makers and labeld a better deal than apple. The consumer pays approx £0,80 per song.

A music download site that gives you music without digital rights management. And sells music from labels like Excelsior, Astro, Munich, Zabel, Rara and PIAS.
Their definition: YOUMAKEMUSIC.COM is an indie-commmunity. It has been founded because the old structures in the music industry are being torn down and we want to help to rebuild and redefine the future of music. To support you as artist to get heard.

OpenVlog is a free web-based service that allows anyone to record, upload, encode, publish and share their video in a simple and straightforward manner. There is no software to download or configure and the service works with all types of computers including PCs, Macs and Linux boxes.

OpenVlog utilizes Flash-based technology to convert, encode and display all videos uploaded to its servers. The nice feature, pioneered a long-time ago by services like and more recently by Video Egg, is the ability to record your own video directly while using your own computer webcam. OpenVlog also allows the direct upload of existing video clips and it supports most existing video file formats. Max duration for video clips uploaded is five minutes. Free to use.

Basecamp is a project collaboration tool it claims to make it simple to communicate and collaborate on projects and it’s elegant, easy, and web-based. You don’t need to download, install, or configure anything (no IT department required!). All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. is a video sharing service with a serious focus on video blogging and podcasting. With you can easily upload video and share it with the world.
Looks like a great service but I wonder if it will hold with other service like youtube. But the idea that it’s tailors to the vlogger and that you can upload to the internet achive is great.


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