in Alles komt goed

What to do with intellect and non-conformistic thinking

I read this article on Netkwesties by Jaap van Till: Internet is de Wilde Allesverbindende Zee.

He makes his point by looking back at the golden age of the Dutch and the years after Word War II. I don’t think this hold quite well but the message it sends needs to be addressed.

Will we as Dutch and humans be able to sustain ourselves we need to embrace out of the box thinking. Like Jaap writes, internet is a great tool to accomplish that. Focusing on the young generation (including kids) is the way to go. They are totally at ease with this new way of interconnectiveness, have the courage to confront the unknown and are non-conformist thinkers.

We may be old and wise but in a rapidly changing society with a lot of big challenges ahead we will need our youngsters not only as muscle but as thinkers that stir up our thinking patterns as well.

Not that this thought is new. But is good to see it more and more addressed.


Wat vind jij?