in Alles komt goed

The perfect woman

She is right in front of me, just a few meters away moving at the same speed and direction as I do.

Riding a nice green omafiets. Old but well preserved and maintained (no dirt on the rims). On the front there is a big black plastic crate supported by a red holder, quite new. It’s nice to see she can improvise and give coincidence a chance.

Riding her bike with her back strait, at a comfortable speed. Not to fast not to slow, she is no hurry. Enjoying the city-ride on her way to her destination.

Long grey, worn but not torn coat. Big light brown furry collar.

Red and white shoes. Country theme but made like a classic.

Her purse is small. She knows what to take and what to leave behind. Bright blue with shiny ornaments on it. Some were there by default others put in by herself. She knows to add with taste, can see beyond the scope of what’s being offered.

Strait blue jeans (stone-wash) fairly new.

Well dressed. All items well chosen and she is happy with them. Her clothing is not new it lives like she does. She is in control but able to let go and enjoy it. She can improvise and isn’t scared of unexpected turns of events. Not unique or special but does show awareness of the message she sends. She holds her own.

Long hair, up. Natural dark brown with curls.

No electric generated sound inforced into her ears. Showing to be at ease with her thoughts not tempted to follow but to create her own path.

Long and thin fingers with relatively long fingernails no nail-polish.

In a glimpse she looked friendly and pure. No makeup, no need to hide herself.

I go along this route quite often and I never saw her before. She looks around, takes in the road she travels. Pleasantly focused and with no hesitation turns left at the crossing.

We go our separate ways.


Wat vind jij?