Black Eyed Peas – Pump It

Trying to figure out why I watched and listened to the clip repeatedly for say 40 times.

Is it the fun, the quite (deliberately) not perfect clip, the background classic, the nice clapping, the nice rhythm, the lyrics, the kick ass, the great mix of weird sounds, the great finish at the end, the shortness? Your guess is as good as mine.

Friesland 1997

Still cleaning my studio. This photo was taken in the timeframe I was working at stichting Kalamiteit in Dokkum in the provence of Friesland.

On a regular basis I took my car for a drive and looked for great spots to film / photograph or draw. Basically I just wanted to be in that silent space in the Dutch countryside.

My gnome friend

He was swimming in the water when we were living in Weesp on the river Amstel (1999). I helped him out and gave him this tree to live in.He stayed there for 3 years. Then he moved on in the company of some children, can’t blame him.

(found this photo while cleaning my studio)


I saw this picture on the VPRO website today and I can’t describe how this photo makes me feel. But I can’t get my eyes of it and my stomach and hart are getting heavy and heavier. Yesterday we (the Netherlands) celebrated our liberty, the end of WOII. Maybe that’s why.