in Alles komt goed

k_nstvl__. 2006

I was invited by Mauz, he was participating (collaboration with PLANETART) in this art event “de kunstvlaai” that is traditionally running at the same time that ArtAmsterdam is doing it’s thing in a more orderly fasion at the RAI.

Haven’t been there in I guess two years or maybe even more. I can’t remember. I was taken by surprise, much of the work was meant as a statement on society or some parts of it anyway and quite dark. This kind of work I mainly experienced on the internet and somewhat in video-art but now al those types are mingling including internet. And video-art is becoming quite dominant in the new generation of artist. The work itself is losing it’s autonomous character but gains in impact (on me).

Wandering though this enormous overload of work shown I longed for some poetic art that just is silently persuasive. I guess It never stood a chance. Their time and place isn’t here and now. To conclude: the photo’s I made with my polaroid expresses my emotional impression of this worthwhile event.

Tank in font (made out of shell oil drums is made by DEFABRIEK. The left part of the photo is of the photo made by Niki, a self-portrait.She marked some part of her flesh / body as things that should be operated on. For me this expressed the general message the art communicated to society.

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