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De Balie: Toneelschrijfdagen 2006 (2)

Vierde editie Toneelschrijfdagen: Opdracht & Gevolg – Van dag tot dag.

Vrijdag 12 mei 2006:
Verse Waar/Oud Repertoire: montage van nieuw en bestaand materiaal, gepresenteerd door acteurs van Dood Paard/Tg Monk: Gillis Biesheuvel, Maartje van den Brink, Rutger Kroon.

Boy’s Night!: Presentaties van het werk van de drie mannen die in 2005 een opdracht ontvingen. Eerst een introductie met de schrijver geintervieuwd door Frits Visser daarna wordt een deel van het stuk opgevoerd.

  • Herman van Emanuel Muris; uitgevoerd door Rafaël Troch
  • Sinterklaasavond / Arnold van Bas Beerendonk; uitgevoerd door aankomende regiseurs
  • Vaderliefde 2005 van Marcel Lenssen; gelezen door de auteur

Muziek: Robert van der Tol.
Aanvang | 20u05
Entree | 8,- euro, 6,- euro met korting
Voertaal | Nederlands
Audio/video registratie rechtstreeks vanuit de grote zaal van De Balie, Amsterdam.

My review

Like yesterday this was great food for the (my) mind. These kinds of secondary labour agreements (I’m the camera person) makes me want to come back often.

Herman was a piece about a day in the creation of Herman. In the beginning there was The Word. And The Word was “Herman”. Herman is his own universe not able to escape or even reflect on others. He can only reflect on himself. This leads to surreal thoughts that make you laugh about it’s absurdity but it reflects our own search towards self.

Sinterklaasavond is a cliché. The director and the writer love playing with cliché settings and the stereotypes within. The setting a typical traditional family night (the the father of Santa). The stereotypes within: father mother sun and adopted sun. The parents are both almost 60, father has a midlife crisis and mother is desperate looking for love. Arnold is an art student and is 40 somewhat, doesn’t like the world and his parents even less. And then the adopted sun from Sierra Leone, not a boy but a man who want to become a lawyer an tells this every time he opens his moth. Their dialogue is witty, sharp and personal but at the same time the interaction is a cliché. You know what’s coming but not quite.

In Vaderliefde 2005 (fatherly love) the writer is writing letters to his unborn, telling him about the world and about himself. Vulnerable and sincere telling about the beauty of life and the absurdity of it. Being a dad myself this was one big string of recognition bathing in this lukewarm sirup like substance, I had the feeling that people without children found it more challenging. His fear has come true. He is a dad and he talks like one. Transformation complete.

To conclude: I came to Amsterdam in 1998 (the city of plenty!). But sucking up the culture and especially theater, I never made it into a routine. To obsessed with the battle between, eating, sleeping, making, working, leaning, gathering, loving, mindless fun, etc. etc. But I should, it has a lot to offer. The will to communicate, to tell the story, is the tendency I can relate too making my “stuff”.


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