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BBC Homepage

De BBC neemt maar weer eens het voortouw om als zendergeorienteerde organisatie zich flexibeler op te stellen. Eerste wapenfeit de homepage:

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Natuurlijk zijn er ook gevaren….

AJAX, rich Internet UIs, mashups, communities, and user-generated content often add more complexity than they’re worth. They also divert design resources and prove (once again) that what’s hyped is rarely what’s most profitable.

… dangerous for your profits, that is. If you focus on over-hyped technology developments, you risk diverting resources from the high-ROI design issues that really matter to your users — and to your profits.

Unlike some older technologies (notably, Flash and PDF), Web 2.0 ideas are not inherently bad for users. They can be highly effective; we sometimes see examples of usability-enhancing Web 2.0 designs in our studies. But it’s more common to find Web 2.0 ideas that either hurt users or simply don’t matter to users’ core needs. While the latter case might seem innocent, irrelevant website “enhancements” diminish profits because they indicate a failure to focus on those simpler design issues that actually increase sales and leads.


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