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Ik wil er graag een paar uitlichten die vooral voor groene goede doelen / non profits relevant zijn. Klik op de titels om te gaan naar een post over deze trend.

Measuring Social Impact
Pressure from above and below is forcing nonprofits to think more seriously about how they define their goals and evaluate their progress too them. The days where organizations can get away with anecdotal evidence of impact are quickly fading.

Mobile Technology
Aid and development groups are increasingly viewing mobile phones – which penetrate even some of the remote parts of the world – as little mobile information centers. New technology promises to allow for more effective, accurate, coordinated programs.

Online Action Platforms
The internet is dramatically expanding the ways in which we can aggregate and harness individual people’s desire to contribute to change. Online action platforms will continue to grow as social entrepreneurs tap into their networks more creatively.

Blended Value Investing
Any new market needs investors, and the world of social enterprise is getting a major push from a new breed of blended value investors who care about financial, social, and environmental returns.

Green Innovation
With the looming pressure of climate change, venture capitalists predict that clean technology will be the one recession-proof industry in 2009. This blog thinks that a generation of green innovators, particularly those focused on the bottom of the pyramid, will make a big splash in the coming year.


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