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Geth2o game demoing on 1%EVENT Nairobi

Geth20 was one of the first companies on the 1%EVENT to give a presentation. The showed us their new game.

The Geth20 Game is a new ’serious’ mobile game about Peace Building.
It is specifically developed for Kenyan youth, to enhance understanding of the basic dynamics of conflict, conflict escalation, the role of the community and the role of individuals in preventing conflict and promoting peace.

It’s part of a bigger program for promoting peace and preventing conflict in Kenya.
The whole program is called Sambaza Peace (spread peace). It includes an eLearning program including cartoons, games and activities for doing with a group of student or alone. You can find this all at (not ready for mobile phone yet).

These programs are being developed in co-creation by Butterfly Works with MamaBits.

Have a look at the YouTube movie below and get an idea of the game. The great thing is it works on almost all mobiles with a color screen. This makes it easy accessible for everybody.

Have a look on their GETH2O website to see more about the game and read the post they already made about the event. Great having you guys!

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