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Raw open data now!

On the 8th of March 2010 Tim Berners-Lee gave the people at TED an update on the raw data call to action and gives some stunning examples of mashed up raw data in the past year and how it has affected our daily life in a positive way.

I myself attended the SocialStrategyTalk in Amsterdam on Society 2.0: eParticipatie en Open Data. Where Lee Bryant gave a presentation about the power of raw data. And was already convinced that this is the way to go. But Tim just gave a stunningly fast overview in just 6 minutes giving me the goosebumps. On a regular basis I wish I was a developer, this is one of those moments.

Update: Read Write Web just wrote a great article about the funding that Tim Berners-Lee is going to lead the new British Institute for Web Science with $45 million in government backing and together with prominent researcher Nigel Shadbolt with whom he collaborated in helping build the excellent The future is now!

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