in Alles komt goed

The gradual change of the landscape we live in

There is a lot being published about the social web. And we at the 1%CLUB are living it. But I can understand that people are tempted to say that they’ve read, seen and heard it all. I’m already an active participant isn’t that enough? Isn’t 90% of all published content just repeating what has been said before?

Yes, almost everything has been said before, and there is a lot of repetition.

But… never in the context of “now”. And that’s a very important aspect. We are just beginning to understand the new ways of interaction between people and between people and organisations. Everything written is a welcome building block. And the great thing is, although there are some architects with a strong vision, nobody exactly knows what we are building. We are already living in this unfinished building, bringing new insight, however small. Sharing that insight and talking about it is crucial so we can make the next step together and improve upon it. That’s why this blogpost (content) isn’t king anymore, but the conversation it generates is. Content is static. Conversation is movement and we are on the move!

Here is a presentation generously shared by about how communication transforms from broadcast to networks. I think it has added value. What do you think?

We at the 1%CLUB have incorporated the social web in our DNA. We depend on it to reach our goals as a non-profit organisation but also of the people and organisations we facilitate.  And even for us it’s a daily challenge to really use the power that social media can give us and that we can provide for our members.

Therefore we know what enormous challenges bigger hierarchical organisations face to adapt and to be part of the ever changing landscape. Transforming from a centralised message to a decentralised dialogue isn’t something you just decide. It’s an ongoing process. The potential for non profit organisations is huge. Full of questions? We love to help and share the experiences we accumulated over the past 10 years. From blogging to social networking and short messages services like twitter. Just give us a call.

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