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George Ayittey about African solutions for African problems

This post is a follow up on the post we did about his TED talk on Hippo’s and cheetahs. In this talk George Ayittey, one of the top 100 global thinkers, gives you a more profound insight into Africa as a continent, it’s people, culture and why, after 50 years of freedom and 600 bilion of Western aid, it’s still in tremendous crisis.

Questions like:

  • Why a continent that is so rich on minaral and natural resources is not able to lift it’s people out of poverty?
  • Why there is so many catastrophic leadership failure and government disfunction?
  • Why countries implode?
  • What should we do to help?
  • Why most aid doesn’t and didn’t work?
  • What is the african sollution?
  • What are it’s succeses?

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