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Bottom Up Marketing

Trough all my adult life I have been forced to see and hear mostly just hollow marketing messages. Just driven to trigger my emotional response to make me buy a product mostly using cliches that don’t tell the whole or even the real story.

The last couple of days at the 1%CLUB were all about marketing. We had an internal meeting about how to generate more exposure and people that wanted to donate to the projects we facilitate on We had a meeting with Accenture about the strategic path to create a presence on the international market. And today we had a super talk with @buccaneer and Jeroen of Purple Cows unlimited about some great marketing campain(s) on the Dutch market.

And now I have to adjust my ideas a bit. Both parties we met were really personally involved in the 1%CLUB. This makes me very happy and I trust we will make the right choices and create some great marketing moments to make people aware of the possibilities we provide to support local projects. Finding the right mix between “old fashion marketing” and social marketing.

(deze post is eerder gepost op, vandaar ook het engels). Image thanks to this post of Jeroen with more marketing beauty’s.


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