in Alles komt goed

Heb je een plan of een wens?

Heerlijk stuk van Valeria Maltoni om bij jezelf te kunnen nagaan of je te maken hebt met een wens of een plan. Confronterend en activerend tegelijk.

(1.) You have unmanned way-points on the road to success: Make a list of all the things that need to happen if you want to get from Point A to Point B. Have each of these tasks been assigned? If not — WISH

(2.) Nobody has put gas in your tank: Referring to this list above, are there budget line items to cover each? If not — WISH

(3.) Is anyone buying what you’re selling? Let’s assume you pass the people and budget tests. Is there a sufficient marketplace to bear your aspirations? If you can’t say why there is — WISH

(4.) Team building has another meaning: Are there enough people on it that you can cover all you need to make it a success? If you had not thought of resource allocation — WISH

(5.) Is anybody out there doing it already? Who is in my way — and how can I cooperate with or go around them? If you have no idea — WISH

(6.) Who are these people? Have you identified market segments and defined what their wish list is? Just hoping if you build it they will come — WISH

(7.) Getting your message out is not an issue: How do you get people to care? How can you talk to your customers best? If respecting their time is not a consideration — WISH

(8.) Do you have the infrastructure to support your way-point goals as you hit them? No support spells inability to deliver — WISH

(9.) Are we there yet? What are the metrics of progress? If you have no roadmap — WISH


Wat vind jij?