in Alles komt goed

Proza als constitutie

BITNATION heeft als basis van haar organisatie een een gedicht / stukje proza. Prachtig.

We are Ƀitnation.
We are the Birth of a New Virtual Nation.
We are a Future for Our World and Humanity.
We are Sentinels, Universal and Inalienable.
We are Creativity and Visionary.
We are Rights and Freedoms.
We are Tolerant and Accepting.
We are Polity and Entity.
We are Privacy and Security.
We are Openness and Transparency.
We are a Dream and a Reality.
We are Ƀitnation.

This poem was found on the BITNATION forum a few weeks after BITNATION was created. It was posted anonymously. A few minor revisions has been made from the original poem, which we’ve integrated as the moral framework for our constitution.


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