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Digitale technologie is nog maar in het eerste uur van de eerste dag

Kevin Kelly, die het internet geboren heeft zien worden, heeft het over wat de digitale technologie nog voor ons in petto heeft op lange termijn. Het artikel verteld in steno wat hij vertelde. De podcast is hier terug te luisteren.

In Kevin Kelly’s view a dozen “inevitable” trends will drive the next 30 years of digital progress. Countless artificial smartnesses, for example, will be added to everything, all quite different from human intelligence and from each other. We will tap into them like we do into electricity to become cyber-centaurs — co-dependent humans and AIs. All of us will need to perpetually upgrade just to stay in the game.

We are at the beginning of the beginning — the first hour of day one. There have never been more opportunities. The greatest products of the next 25 years have not been invented yet.

Kevin Kelly

Link: Digital is just getting started


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