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10 Commandments of Commons Economics | On the Commons

Tien regels om alles in goede banen te leiden bij samenwerkingsprojecten in gemeenschappelijkheid. Ontstaan uit de p2p community.

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This is a synthesis of ten years of research by the P2P Foundation on the emerging practices of new productive communities and the ethical entrepreneurial coalitions that create livelihoods for shared resources. It was written for the Uncommons conference in Berlin last October by P2P  founder Michel Bauwens.

  1.  Thou shalt practice open business models based on shared knowledge
  2. Thou shalt practice open co-operativism
  3. Thou shalt practice open value or contributory accounting
  4. Thou shalt insure fair distribution and benefit-sharing through Copyfair licensing
  5. Thou shalt practice solidarity and mitigate the risks of work and life through Commonfare practices
  6. Thou shalt use open and sustainable designs for an open source circular economy
  7. Thou shalt move beyond an exclusive reliance on imperfect market price signals towards mutual coordination of production through open supply chains and open book accounting
  8. Thou shalt practice cosmo-localization
  9. Thou shalt mutualize physical infrastructures
  10. Thou shalt mutualize generative capital
Photo by Lawrence OP under a Creative Commons license.

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