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We Are All Stepping Into A Broken Future

Joe Brewer – 31 december 2016 – link

Your feelings of pain and uncertainty are real. The world is now in a time of darkness. Shadows are all around us. It can be very confusing and painful. But it may reassure you to know that feeling pain and confusion is a sign that you are awake.
Humanity is now in the crucible. We have crossed the “planetary boundaries” for safe operation of our globalized civilization — and are now fully in the mode of overshoot-and-collapse. Our political systems are corrupt. No real choices can be found by operating within them. The media institutions have become instruments of distraction and confusion. Very little that is real can be found there.

The truth is that the current system has already started to collapse. What is often not said is this: there is a silver lining in collapsing an empire. Yes, there will be great harms committed. Many will in fact die as this unfolds around us. Yet in the midst of the turmoil something else will happen — a great deal of mental energy, financial resources, and human capacities will be liberated from their previous entanglements. We will begin a process of composting parts of the old system that finally enable us to grow and expand the new ones that will replace it.

Onward, fellow humans.


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