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De klimaat doomsday is er al

Het artikel van Joe Brewer zet even pijnlijk uiteen hoe we achter de feiten aanhollen en we de boel al decennia geleden verkloot hebben.

What would you say if I told you that the climate crisis already happened? That real-world ecosystem collapse takes place at different times in different places. Billions of people have already starved to death or been displaced by climate change. The future is here — it’s just not evenly distributed yet.

Long story short, the factories of Western Europe caused the global climate system to change its behavior. The result being that a monsoon rain pattern in Africa was shut down. This caused farming to collapse, which led to mass migration and conflict as people became increasingly malnourished and starved. Or said another way: The doomsday of climate change ALREADY HAPPENED. We created apocalyptic conditions for roughly 1 billion people — and we did this fifty years ago!

Everything is interconnected. The planet functions as a meshwork of interwoven systems and processes. What we do to one part of the Earth will have impacts elsewhere. There is no avoiding this fundamental scientific truth about how planets work, ours included.

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