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Blockchain Commons: The End of All Corporate Business Models

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Just as the internet of today is now dominated by centralized monopolies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon; blockchain technology could just as likely result in a future crypto-authoritarian dystopia. But of all future possibility threads, I think the core design and economic drivers of blockchains will converge toward a positive, decentralized future for all of humanity.

In a few years, the average citizen will comfortably interact with smart contracts and dapps without knowing it.

Business models which operate on artificial scarcity simply cannot exist alongside a reality of public blockchains. Even if a group did attempt to deploy a for-profit protocol on a public blockchain, the code by default is opensource and thus it’s trivial to copy the code, lower the fee and then redeploy.

If you want to change the world on the blockchain then it’s all about building an open protocol, not just another startup.


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