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Fuck changing yourself

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I began shedding all the layers of bullshit that I have accumulated through my 30 years that are NOT mine
I began melting all the walls of expectations that I have constructed because I thought I was not perfect for you teacher, boss, investor, mister
I finally embraced the artist in me that has been yelling for attention
The wild woman that wants to speak her truth no matter what they say
The human that wants to cry about life’s miseries and fall in love with life’s secrets and treasures
I accepted that I will not run marathons, or have a zero argument relationship, that I will not have my shit together 50% of the time
I let go of the need to be successful on paper, have a family and kids by a certain age, fit in America where I live or Lebanon where I come from

… SO stop land filling your soul. Stop overcrowding your genius.
Get naked with yourself. Look at your nakedness in the mirror.

This is it.

Be naked. Live naked. Thrive naked. Fly naked.
We all love you more when you are naked.


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