in Alles komt goed


Ik heb ze. Dus als iemand er met liefde, vuur, stijl en zelfspot over schrijft ben ik verloren.

Looking for small, irrational, incompetent, freeloader roommates with rage issues and separation anxiety? Have kids.

There will be mean girls and stupid boys. Dim-witted girls and brutal boys. Yours will say, “Not me.” You will believe them or want to believe them, but you will see the grafitti and know. You will have bully talks and drug talks and sex talks and long talks about things like “respect” and “responsibility” where it becomes quickly apparent that you are the only engaged participant.

Your heart will now forever be pinned on the outside of your body and you will only ever be as happy as your least happy child.

If they don’t kill you, they may actually save you.

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