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Accidental Lessons I Learned from My Father

… my dad recognizes that my choices are more important than his feels. He’s read some personal, scary things about me, and he’s never once asked me to suppress them, or to think of his last name when publishing, or to seek help. Instead, he texts me to remind me that he’s my biggest fan. He quotes my work back to me. He believes in me. Not having to hide from my dad has helped me not hide from myself.

Als vader greep me dit aan. Ik hoop dat mijn kinderen later ook zo liefdevol kunnen terugkijken op mijn manier van opvoeden en dat ik ze ook de mogelijkheden heb gegeven om het leven en jezelf als mens te kunnen omarmen.

  • Your skills are more important than your career.
  • Don’t abandon the things you love.
  • Making mistakes is not something to be ashamed of.
  • No one who loves you would ask you to hide who you are.
  • Family is important.

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