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Blockchain and Tokenization: Beyond the Hype

Mooie gedeelde lessen over wat de blockchain en tokens eigenlijk zijn. Kan mijn hoofd er nog steeds niet omheen krijgen maar door dit soort artikelen steeds een beetje meer.

De lessen van Rutger van Zuidam:

  • Blockchain is an Ecosystem Solution
  • Blockchain is a Solution to a Shared Problem
  • A Token is an Organization
  • Blockchains and Tokens are Part of the Digital Commons

To sum it all up: #commonization
… we have learned that the real value of blockchain and tokens lies in the possibility to “commonize” important parts of the digital infrastructure. At the most fundamental level, we are talking about only a handful of entities: value, identity, maybe two or three more. One level higher, we envision things like a commonized infrastructure for energy, for payment systems, for supply chains, for pension rights, for consent, and many, many more…

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