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Van 3 naar 5+º?

Climate worst-case scenarios may not go far enough, cloud data shows

Jonathan Watts – 13 juni 2020 – link artikel

Worst-case global heating scenarios may need to be revised upwards in light of a better understanding of the role of clouds, scientists have said.

Recent modelling data suggests the climate is considerably more sensitive to carbon emissions than previously believed, and experts said the projections had the potential to be “incredibly alarming”, though they stressed further research would be needed to validate the new numbers.

Compared with the last assessment in 2014, 25% of them1 show a sharp upward shift from 3C to 5C in climate sensitivity – the amount of warming projected from a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide from the preindustrial level of 280 parts per million. This has shocked many veteran observers, because assumptions about climate sensitivity have been relatively unchanged since the 1980s

Results from the latest research are so alarming that scientists thought there was “a bug in the code”.

We hebben als mensheid veel op ons bord.
En de bestaande krachten werken grotendeels tegen ons.
En dat is ook nog eens zeer ongelijk verdeeld.
Maar niet of een beetje handelen is al lang geen optie meer.


  1. Modelling results from more than 20 institutions are being compiled

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