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If it’s bailed out, it’s a utility

Corporate Socialism: The Government is Bailing Out Investors & Managers Not You

Nassim Nicholas Taleb – 26 maart 2020 – link

First, we must not conflate airlines as a physical company with the financial structure involved. Nor should we conflate the fate of the employees of the airlines with the unemployment of our fellow citizens, which can be directly compensated rather than indirectly via leftovers of corporate subsidies. We should learn from the Geithner episode that bailing out individuals based on their needs is not the same as bailing out corporations based on our need for them.

Dat stimuleren/ondersteunen van de economie door (grote) bedrijven bail outs te geven is diefstal van de gemeenschap. De enige manier is om dit te stoppen is die radicaal stoppen of erkennen dat vanaf dat moment de bedrijven een cruciale sociale functie te vervullen hebben en dus daar ook de verantwoording voor moeten dragen en afleggen.


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