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Extinction Rebellion ‘go floppy’ when arrested, complains senior Met officer

Matthew Weaver – 16 september 2020 – link artikel

House told a London assembly police and crime committee hearing: “We have asked them to stop being floppy. And that might seem like a silly thing to say, but when we arrest them and pick them up, they go all floppy, which is why you see four or five officers carrying them away. It’s a complete waste of officers’ time, and a complete pain in the neck.”

House said: “If they could just behave like sensible adults. It is a flipping nuisance. And I think the majority of the public would look at that and go: ‘For goodness sake, you’ve made your point. You’ve been arrested, the police are treating you perfectly fairly, just get on with it.’”

Demonstreren mag maar je mag niemand tot last zijn en je moet wel meewerken… dan heb je het fundamenteel niet begrepen.


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