in Waardevol

Digitale werkelijkheid

Prachtige omschrijving van wat de digitale wereld door Doc Searls. In een stukje over politiek. Soms is een stuk minder sterk als de quote die erin staat.

We’re in the epilogue now

Doc Searls – 8 november 2020 – link

We live in the digital world now, in addition to the physical one where I am typing and you are reading, as embodied beings.

In this world we are not just bodies. We are something and somewhere else, in a place that isn’t a place: one without distance or gravity, where the only preposition that applies without stretch or irony is with. (Because the others—over, under, beside, around, though, within, upon, etc.—pertain too fully to positions and relationships in the physical world.)

Because the digital world is ground and not figure (here’s the difference), it is as hard for us to make full sense of being there as it was for the first fish to do the same with ocean or for our amphibian grandparents to make sense of land. (For some help with this, dig David Foster Wallace’s This is water.)


Wat vind jij?