Ik ben al tijden op zoek naar alle spullen die ik nodig heb voor de reis. Zelfs rond Amsterdam is het moeilijk om alles te vinden. En online al die losse spullen kopen bij allemaal verschillende winkels kost je het dubbele aan porto.

Dus ineens in een Karwei zo’n verzameling en hoeveelheid zien is een grote schat. Het voelt als een snoepwinkel. Nu nog één ding dat hier niet te krijgen was en dan heb ik alles :).

Bart Smit vs me

Result: Bart Smit has to produce evidence to make their case. The next court appearance will be on the 24th of February.

The case: Bart Smit (toystore) thinks I bought something online. And that they delivered the goods and send me the bill. I never did order stuff, never recieved anything and didn’t see a papertrail cluttering my mailbox.

Looking forward to “the evidence”.

Buying tickets to go to Paris

I’m living in a world with a radius of a 10 minutes bike ride. Going from point A to B mostly wondering inside my head.

Thought I just drop in and buy those tickets to Paris, a quickie. Instead it’s going to be a long wait (500 and i’ve got 539). Looking forward to having human interaction instead of the hard reality of the internet booking-system.

Was the right decision. The guy at the counter was very helpfull, left a lot of money with him for some pieces of paper that will be worthless in a weeks time. An investment in a dream called In Paris I will film the conference Les Blogs and publish the video on this site.