Complexiteit is onzekerheid omarmen

Facing complexity means befriending uncertainty and ambiguity

Daniel Christian Wahl – 17 juni 2017 – link artikel

Our dominant way of thinking in dualistic opposites makes us blind to the underlying unity. … The way we tend to try to establish certainty is by defining a particular way of seeing and limiting the boundaries of the system in question. What results is the illusion of certainty.

We would do well to understand that any perspective — no matter what science or philosophy supports it, no matter how transdisciplinary and inclusive it is trying to be, no matter how much research backs it up — any perspective is a limited view of the underlying complexity. In order to befriend uncertainty, we need to let go of our need for prediction and control.

Mooi artikel over de complexiteit van de natuurlijke systemen en hoe we als mensen er anders mee om moeten gaan en dat dat begint met een bepaalde manier van denken en de behoefte tot controle los te laten en onzekerheid te omarmen.