Les Blogs ’05 (2)

The conference is done. It was super interesting and me and Luc captured all of it. We dind’t run out of tape or power. So great he was there to help me with his expertise.

Can’t wait to put it all video together get it in Flash and on the newly created website not-on.tv. So that a lot more than 250 people can enjoy this great content.

Buying tickets to go to Paris

I’m living in a world with a radius of a 10 minutes bike ride. Going from point A to B mostly wondering inside my head.

Thought I just drop in and buy those tickets to Paris, a quickie. Instead it’s going to be a long wait (500 and i’ve got 539). Looking forward to having human interaction instead of the hard reality of the internet booking-system.

Was the right decision. The guy at the counter was very helpfull, left a lot of money with him for some pieces of paper that will be worthless in a weeks time. An investment in a dream called publicspeeches.net. In Paris I will film the conference Les Blogs and publish the video on this site.